11 Best Investment Opportunities In Ghana Right Now – Very Lucrative

Best investment opportunities in Ghana

The Best Investment Opportunities In Ghana Today

Warning: Long read, take your eye lens!                                                                                   If you are interested in investing in something that will make you earn quite a huge amount of money within a short period of time then you are very lucky because Ghana has a friendly and enabling environment of doing businesses. There are many best investment opportunities in Ghana and if you do it the right way, it will really pay off. In this post, I will share with you the lucrative investments that you can explore and succeed. It should be noted that a potential businessperson must be a risk taker and with a lot of patience to succeed. Read on and i hope you will find an appealing business opportunity to invest in for greater return.

Tips For Successful Business Investment

Best Investment opportunities in Ghana for a small or a large-scale businesses requires the tips below to give you success that you have yearned for always.

Have a business plan for your business – A business plan will include the name, the location, the cash-flow analysis, labor required, as well as the capital. In simple words, once you write a well arranged business plan for your idea, you will definitely succeed. Address the excuses- Don’t allow excuses running in your mind to control you, excuses are the major reason why many potential entrepreneurs never accomplish their aim. Some fear making loses and others fear being responsible.

Try to be positive, think of the end success, how happy you will be once you become your own boss. Be a risk taker and face the business opportunity. Those excuses will only slow down your success since they will discourage you not to achieve your objectives in life. The best thing you can do is to try as much as you can to get rid of the excuses by finding a good solution to them. Have a break-even analysis of the expected profits, the major reason is to make cool profits that’s why you are investing in the business. The business will definitely have expenses depending on the idea from rent to employee’s salary. What you need to do is to estimate the number of days, weeks, or months you will start making returns with your business. Always start small – You don’t have to make your business to run before it walks, start small. Yes though, you have to dream big for your business, but at least start small to avoid much expenses that might hinder you from achieving your end goal.

It is always advisable to start with your own money because you can’t make an appropriate estimation on when the business will start paying you back. Loans are a big savior to potential entrepreneurs, but short duration business loans can harm your business operations for being on your neck demanding repayment. Hire professional employees and have a good relationship with them, do not go for independent contractors, but go for the full time employees. This is because they will understand the goals of the business and you will all work together to achieve your business goal.

Best Investment Opportunities In Ghana

Best investment opportunities in Ghana

Beneath are some of the best investment opportunities in Ghana to venture in for greater returns. Some of these businesses are very lucrative and can give greater return.

1. Oil & Gas business opportunities

Oil and gas is an untapped business which is one of the best investment opportunities in Ghana and it requires you to take it to another level. You can admit the fact that oil and gas business sector in the country is still young and has an evergreen investment opportunities. Now  Ghana is among the list of petroleum exporters worldwide and you can imagine how lucrative the petroleum sector is. You can just imagine the huge profits that you will make if you invest in this kind of business opportunity. The start-up capital will be quite high, but the returns are worth it. Now the question is, where do you start? You need to do a good research about the business so that you can be able to estimate the amount of capital as well as equipment required. You can conduct the research through the internet, magazines, or go to an extent of getting a word from an oil and gas entrepreneur. If you have what it takes, there is no reason why you should deny yourself from being successful. All you need is patience to conduct everything systematically. This business will require both skilled and unskilled labor and therefore try to make it perfect to avoid huge losses and failure.

2. Online investment opportunities

Working online at the comfort of your home is the greatest opportunity ever. What you need is a little knowledge on how to successfully earn from online investment opportunities. For example, mutual funds, forex trading, or go for bitcoin online investment. In mutual funds, you invest your money in various securities. When the share prices increases, you will definitely earn profit. It is vital that you do more research on mutual funds so that you can also learn on the limitations, the types, benefits, as well as restrictions. One may ask, how forex-trading works? forex trading has proved to be an online job that pays a huge check if properly done. You will have to invest your money on the trading and if you have less idea on how it works, it is always advisable that you work close with a broker in the sector. The broker can help you out with the trading process for free or at a small fee. Do more research on the forex trading as well as the bitcoin business and you will never have a moment of regret. It’s one of the best investment opportunities in Ghana at the moment.

3. Telecommunication business ideas 

You can greatly earn returns by investing in the telecommunication business opportunity if you are a tech savvy.  If you are sure that you can offer competitive as well as reliable data services, then you are good to go because everyone in this part of the earth is looking for such amazing network. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone and the only untapped opportunity is a stable network. Yeah, some of the networks in Ghana are good, but if you offer the best then you will be more than successful. The only limitation to this best investment opportunities or business opportunity is the capital required. The capital needed is quite high, but you can loan from a trusted institution to add up to your current amount. As a potential investor, you should be patient, determined, and above all, believe in yourself. You can even gather a group of your trusted friends and make the dream that seems a fairy tale true for you.

4. ICT business opportunities

People in this modernization and digitized generation will forever have craving needs for a fast internet service. You can open up a cyber and install a high quality internet in a busy town and I bet you will make cool money from it. You can also employ few people to install WIFI for interested citizens at their homes or offices and you will add up to your earnings. All you have to make sure is that the quality of the internet services you are offering are of high quality and that’s all. You’ll make great amount of money. So if you are looking for best investment opportunities in Ghana and you are an ICT expert, you are good to go.

5. Real estate investment opportunities

One of the best investment opportunities in Ghana today is the real estate business. Being a potential entrepreneur, you should always invest in underutilized business opportunities. Real estate is among the top untapped best investment opportunities, having in mind the commercial and residential sought-after in Ghana today. The demand for housing is mostly in urban areas such as Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. It is mostly caused by the migration of citizens from rural areas in search of greener pastures, as students or other major personal reasons. I bet you that there is no investor who will regret doing real estate business in Ghana if only it’s done properly. You can decide to invest in apartment complex, housing estate, office complex, or residential villas. This business requires a huge capital, but in all it is worth it as a long-term investment. Everyone needs a spacious room and therefore that is what you should consider. Any Ghanaian will be willing to pay that amount you want for the building as far as the construction is worth it. Real estate gives you a guarantee of paying some of your long list bills per month and live the good life you are looking for.

6. Financial services business opportunities

It must be admitted that the financial services in Ghana(best investment opportunities in Ghana) has undergone a tremendous improvement resulting to its current growth in the country Quite a number of investment banks in Ghana such as Capital bank, Stanbic bank, Unibank and as well as Omni Bank. Most of them are popular for offering a specific percentage interest based on the agreement of the bank and the client. Others offer loans at a low interest, but it is still not enough. A bit of creativity is what you require to get more ideas that will thrill the financial services in Ghana. If you are a business-minded person, then you will be able to spot the ideas, foreigners have also invested in quite a number of financial business in the country. Most of the people who succeed in this type of business has a background in banking and finance, microfinance to be precise. This means that if you have a background in it, you should go for it and start molding your success bricks. Amusingly, you can also lend money to the small businesses that are yet developing at agreed charges.

7. Waste management small business opportunities

The Waste management companies in Ghana are many, but they get challenges to handle the waste as well as refuse in the country. Waste and refuse give a bad picture of a country and it is greatly bad to see a people throwing them away in a drainage. If you take advantage of that habit, you can make them learn how to handle the refuse and waste, you will make huge profits out of it. This is because it is a burden not only in Ghana but also most African countries are battling the same so you can take advantage this best investment opportunities in Ghana to live the good life.

8. Transportation services investment opportunities for investors

The transport services are a major necessity in a country as people need travel from one place to another. Apparently, not every Ghanaian owns a private car and in fact, the biggest percentage of the transport services as they go one with their daily routine services. If you are looking for ways on how to make money, you can never go wrong with this option. Transport service by road is the simple business in Ghana(Best investment opportunities) all you need is capital to purchase the public vehicle, a driver, and permission from the government and you are foot to start a profit making business. You will make the returns from your investment in no time.

Transportation services by air, water, and rail are very expensive turning back for many investors in the transport sector. If you have what it takes, then seek permission from the government and invest in it. What you need is to go for a busy route to make more profit. Go and pick the gold!

9. Herbal medicine small scale business opportunities

Herbal Medicines are now at a great demand for most people who are aware that they can be able to treat, cure, as well as prevent ailments. The sought-after had made it best investment opportunities in Ghana for business minded people in Ghana. In order to be able to compete with the orthodox medicines in the country, you need to be good in marketing. The good is that you can get most if not all herbal plants in the country making it easier for you. Another good news for you is that you are likely to make quick returns with this business idea. This is because the herbal medicines are cheaper compared to the orthodox medicines making most Ghanaians to prefer buying them. This clearly indicates that the capital for commencing this business is not that high especially on a small scale. What you need is to conduct a research for the herbal medicine business idea either on internet, from successful herbalists in Ghana, or on magazine. The research will give you the estimated capital required and other vital information concerning the herbal medicine business. It is always advisable to borrow tips from successful herbalist so that they can explain to you the advantages and setbacks of the business in a more clear as well as experienced way for you.

10. Tourism as an investment opportunity

Tourism is one of the best investment opportunities and profitable business ideas to consider in Ghana. The country is a major hast and visiting point for foreigners as it is always referred as the gateway to Africa. Championing African excellence, Ghana, has many beautiful scenery, therefore the tourist sites have a list. That goes on and on. You can purchase tour cars that will enable the tourists to travel around the country. The good news is that the foreigners can easily launch it. Talkfinance24 can assure you that it is a long-term business that will earn you huge profits than you can even expect. The start-up capital for doing this kind of business idea is high, but it’s worth it. You can never make loses because you can also sell the eggs of the wild birds locally or internationally. Note that the wild birds require extra labor and care. There are a lot of business ideas in the tourism sector you can think of, and pays off.

11. Agricultural businesses opportunities.

On more serious note, everybody requires food to survive; it is a basic necessity that makes it one of the most profitable business ideas and best investment opportunities in Ghana. Whether prices are high or low, the demand for food will forever be there and this means you will surely make good returns if you invest properly in it. Think about the daily increase of population in the country by many tourists, students from foreign countries, and the cycle of investors. It is a big evidence that you are likely to make profits. What type of agricultural and farming business do you want venture in? Well, you can do small-scale farming of cash crops, food crops, rearing livestock or poultry farming, fish farming and many more. The main thing to do before you begin in this business is to conduct a good research on it. This is because nobody wants to make loses or invest in something that will require more capital than you planned. Conduct the research, be patient and be rest assured of success as far as your determination counts. Agricultural investment will never fail you, they are always at a greater demand in Ghana and beyond.


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