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The Amazing Benefits Of Mobile Banking In Ghana You Should Know

The internet has made banking so easy these days, unlike few years back when things were bit difficult in banking. You would have to walk or board a car to the bank, remain in queues and adapt to frustrating network challenges before you got your cash withdrawn, deposited or transferred. Today, digital banking has changed the story vice versa with smartness, convenience, super fast and secure cash transactions. Almost all banks in Ghana do have mobile banking options for their customers. It’s recorded that 80% of all cash transactions are done via mobile banking apps which indicates that it has so much befits so long as banking and finance is concerned. In this post, you’ll be taken through some of the smart benefits of mobile banking and why you should switch and stick to mobile banking.

Mobile banking is an online bank services of a bank which allows customers to transfer, deposit and do transactions via a mobile device without complications. Since the introduction of mobile banking into the banking system, there has been a significant turn in financial transactions in various financial institutions worldwide over the years, as it’s been accepted and used by wide range of people for it’s convenience, fast and secure nature. With online banking, financial institutions creates online portfolio usually a mobile app or website for customers to easily open an online bank account or link existing account and perform various financial transactions remotely.

Best Features To Consider

The following features should be considered in a mobile banking app or website so as to enhance safe and easy financial transactions.

✔ Mobile banking websites and apps should be well secured.

✔ It should be easy to navigate and should be fast to load or mobile friendly.

✔ Mobile banking should contain all banking services, savings and deposits, cash transfers and all transaction features.

✔ It should have notification and alert button to enhance detailed dissemination of information.

✔ Mobile banking should have contact and support button to enhance easy customers enquiries.

The Smart Benefits Of Mobile Banking In Ghana

The following smart benefits of mobile banking are the reasons you need to switch and stick to it.

1. Easy and convenient financial transactions

Mobile banking makes financial transactions so easy and convenient. With your mobile device such as smartphone or tablet, you can deposit, transfer and make all transactions anywhere at anytime. It eliminate banking inconveniences such as having to go long distance to the bank, having to join long queues and network challenges. It reduces the stress you could have gone through at the “brick and mortar” banking hall.

2. Safe and secure transactions

Mobile banking is very safe and secure due to how personal and remote it is. You don’t have to move to a particular location to perform transactions, it’s done right in your mobile device. All financial transactions made through mobile banking are secure since you initiate the transactions personally, there could be less transactional errors. It also reduces robbery attack!

3. Cash mobility

Cash mobility means you carry your money along with you anywhere you go once you have your mobile device. This is to say that your bank is in your pocket wherever you go and you can pay for things you purchase on the go without having to go to the bank.

4. Easily track bank and transaction records

With mobile banking, you can easily track the records of your transfers, deposits and savings. Easily request for monthly bank statement at any time to put your financial progression to scrutiny.

5. Time saving and fast transactions

Mobile banking saves your time and money, withdrawing cash, deposits and other transactions at the bank takes time. Sometimes you have to be in queues or wait for network reconnection before you could have your transactions made. Mobile banking saves a lot of your time by eliminating these banking inconveniences. Unlike the bricks and mortar bank where you have to rush in to meet banking hours, mobile banking is fast and timeless.

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