11 Best Insurance Companies In Ghana With The Best Of Insurance Packages

Best insurance companies in Ghana

Best Insurance Companies In Ghana

In this post, I will take you through the best insurance companies that offers life and property insurance in Ghana. An Insurance is a way to insure or protect your life and or property from losing it by managing risk. Insuring your life or property is a way of managing risk, while ensuring that your life and property is protected from unexpected loss by aiding complete protection. Life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and home insurance are the major types of insurance in Ghana. Several insurance companies are in Ghana that insures the safety of life and property from future loss.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Life Or Property Cover In Ghana

Various factors should be considered before you choose an insurance policy for your life or property. There are many instances where people choose insurance packages that does not make meaning to them. Before you use your hard earned money on any insurance package, consider these factors.

✔ Consider your income and choose the kind of policy that seems fit to you.

✔ Review insurance packages and policies well before you subscribe.

✔ consider your age, health and properties before choosing an insurance package.

✔ Plan and make decisions on which type of insurance you need to subscribe to, whether life, auto, health or over all property insurance.

✔ Seek to choose the best insurance company with good packages.

Importance Of Choosing Risk Management Cover For Your Life And Property

No one should tell you to “make hay while the sun shines” unforseen contingencies are bound to happen and it’s only insurance that can aid or replace any loss by risk management. It’s very important to insure your life and property from loss. Insurance cover is beneficial to all who want to protect their life and property from financial risk and losses.

1. Insurance cover helps you pay for medical pay for medical emergencies with treatment and all medical care that’s required in future.

2. Family can cover all financial losses that occurred due to the unfortunate demise of a family member. They can also repay any debts like home loans or other debts which the insurer have incurred.

3. Insurance plans helps family to have a balanced standard of living in case of death in the future.

4. It enhances the protection of your child/children in terms of education even when you are not around.

5. Insurance helps protect your home in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and damage. A home insurance takes the coverage of repairs and rebuilding of your home in case of home loss.

Best Insurance Companies In Ghana

As already discussed, there are several insurance companies with different types of insurance and plans in Ghana. We at talkfinance24.com is deemed at providing you with the very best of financial information and education, so we compile the best insurance companies in Ghana that offers good insurance plans and packages. These insurance companies are typically inclined to life insurance, home insurance, car or auto insurance, health insurance and the rest you can think of. Below are some of the best insurance companies in Ghana currently.

1. Enterprise Insurance Company

Enterprise insurance company is the first ever insurance company in Ghana that was publicly listed in 2015. It was incepted way back in 1924 and since then, performed marvelously. Enterprise insurance company currently continues to broaden it’s horizon and offers insurance on properties, trustees and funeral services.  Enterprise insurance company is best known to improving lives through financial management and physical loss as well.

2. State Insurance Company (SIC)

State insurance company is known for providing non-life insurance services in Ghana. A public insurance company which has over 14,000 shareholders across nation. It ensures better workforce and a good customer relations throughout it’s services. It provide insurance services such as travel insurance, auto insurance, marine and other non-life insurance packages.

3. Hollard Insurance Company

Hollard insurance company offers both personal and commercial risk management solutions in Ghana. It insures property for proper risk management for better future prospects. It is among the best registered and licensed insurance companies in Ghana. Hollard insurance company can be located at the old Tulaku market directly opposite to Stanbic bank in Ashaiman in Accra, Ghana.

4. Star Life Assurance Company Limited

Star life assurance company limited(SLACL) is  one of the best life insurance companies in Ghana which is dedicated to offering life insurance and investment services to it’s customers across nation and ensures that their customers needs are fully met. Star life assurance company limited is registered and licensed company that legally provides it’s services at Mankata Avenue in Accra, Ghana.

5. Activa Insurance Company

Activa insurance company is part of the Pan- African insurance group which is dedicated to ensuring that customers acquire the best of insurance plan that can meet their needs. It is said to be the 7th largest insurance company in Ghana with good services. It is a licensed company that offers good insurance services in Ghana.

6. Saham Insurance

The Saham group is a Pan-African insurance group which offers various types of insurance services such as life insurance and non-life insurance, health insurance and many more. Saham insurance has many years of experience with a wide range of customers via the entire continent of Africa.

7. Allianz Insurance Company

Allianz Insurance company, an insurance company in Ghana that’s owned by the Allianz group from Germany. It offers a variety of insurance plans ranging from life and non-life insurance services. it is registered under the Ghana insurance commission with many years of experience.

8. Nationwide Medical Insurance

Nationwide Medical insurance is a private health insurance company that offers health packages that covers and improves the quality of life. Nationwide medical insurance offers it’s insurers wit the best of quality medical insurance services in Ghana.

9. Global Institute of Islamic Banking, Insurance and Consultancy Limited

Global Institute of Islamic Banking, Insurance and Consultancy Limited is an international organization that offers insurance services in Ghana.  It enhances proper consultancy and financial services that aids risk management for Ghanaian citizens. It’s Located at Hall avenue Adabraka in Accra-Ghana.

10. Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Limited

Metropolitan Life insurance Ghana Limited is a reputable insurance company in Ghana that offers insurance plans on education, investment and health packages for it customers. According to metropolitan life insurance, the future is uncertain, but with Metropolitan, the future is assured! It’s located at North Ridge Crescent in Accra, Ghana.

11. Priority Insurance Company

Priority insurance company holds almost a decade of experience in non-life insurance services. It was rated as the 3rd fastest growing insurance company in Ghana in 2914 and since then has enlarged it’s coast and services such as investment insurance, business insurance, auto insurance, marine and many more good insurance plans.

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