Best places for retirees to live outside the US

10 Safest And Best Places For Retirees To Live Outside The US

“Best places to live outside the US”
Many retirees want to get the most out of their money, while others are more concerned with being close to their families, favorite fishing spots, or golf courses. Many other people simply want to feel safe as they become older, so if safety and security are high of your retirement wish list, America might not be the country for you. The safest and best places for retirees to live outside the US is what should come in mind.

The Institute for Economics and Peace publishes the Global Peace Index every year, which assesses the world’s countries according to factors such as homicides, violent crime, political unrest, violent protests, terrorist activities, the number of people in jail, safety and security, and militarization.

The United States comes in at number 129, slightly behind Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Egypt, and the Philippines but ahead of Brazil, Burundi, Eritrea, and Palestine. So, to put it mildly, not too terrific. Read also 3 Crucial Things You Must Do After Retirement – Your Future Self Will Thank You!

The Safest And Best Places For Retirees To Live Outside The US

The majority of the world’s safest and most secure countries are located in Europe. One is in North America, but it isn’t Mexico, which comes in at No. 137, eight places behind America. Two are in Asia, two are islands without a home continent, and two are in Asia. The Safest and best places for retirees to live outside the US are listed below. Read also 10 Expert-Approved Tips For Retirement Planning(Before You Start Saving)

10 Safest Locations Outside The United States For Retiring

1. Canada

Looking for the best places for retirees to live outside the US? Well, good news if you want to retire abroad but not overseas. Make sure to travel north and not south if you want to drive through one of the safest and best places for retirees to live outside the US.

On the Global Peace Index, Canada is ranked No.12. There are very few violent crimes, internal conflicts, or deaths from conflicts in this politically stable nation. It has very low levels of militarization and displaced people and very high levels of safety and security. It is one of just four non-European nations to enter the exclusive top 15 in the globe. Read also 6 Best Ways To Stretch Your Social Security Check Further During Inflation

2. Iceland

Canada may be nearest, but Iceland, which has held the title of safest country in the world every year since the middle of the 2000s, can be reached by sailing west a little more than midway between North America and Northern Europe.

There is a lot to appreciate about the island nation, which, like Canada, is one of the few non-European countries on the list despite being close to the Arctic Circle and having an alphabet that may seem strange to someone who has lived in the United States their entire lives. Along with being known for its geothermal springs and breathtaking natural beauty, Iceland consistently ranks at the top of lists of the world’s happiest nations and considered as one of the best places for retirees to live outside the US. Read also What Is The Best State To Live On Social Security Only? Here Are 15 Best States You Can Live Comfortably On Social Security Check Only

3. New Zealand

If you are looking for the peaceful and best places for retirees to live outside the US, New Zealand is a great option. In addition to being an island nation without a home continent, the No. 2 safest country in the world after Iceland is also one of just four non-European nations to reach the list. The laid-back attitude of the Kiwis will demonstrate to you why New Zealand is a nation famed for its safety, according to the French travel agency Evaneos.

According to the website, many locals leave their doors unlocked and frequently leave their engines running while they make a quick trip to the store. In general, you won’t see someone clutching their handbags or avoiding talks with strangers at night. Read also Retire Here! 10 Best Small Towns In U.S with Low-cost Of Living To Retire

4. Ireland

Even though the country was once recognized for militarization, racial and religious strife, terrorism, and violent protests, these issues are now essentially non-existent in contemporary Ireland. The island is currently ranked as the third safest and most secure nation in the entire world. Furthermore, retiring Americans who relocate there would simply need to learn a slightly different dialect of English.

Ireland was a poor country for a large portion of it’s history, but after joining the European Union in 1973, it benefited from a significant inflow of foreign investment and served as the European headquarters for many multinational corporations, making it one of the richest and most stable nations on the continent at the present time. Those nearing retirement looking for the safest and best places for retirees to live outside the US can go for Ireland. Read also 3 Best Cities In Northeast To Retire Comfortably With Minimal Cost Of Living

5. Denmark

Denmark entered the European Union the same year as Ireland, and nearly 50 years later, it is one of the world’s statistically safest nations. However, the United States government has just issued a warning about an increased risk of terrorism in the small Nordic nation.

Homicides and other violent crimes, militarism, political unrest, violent protests, and other red flags, however, are the rarest of outliers beyond that. Denmark consistently ranks near the top of lists of the world’s safest and happiest nations, along with Iceland and the other Nordic nations. Read also 9 Great Recommended Tips To Retire Happy And Free

6. Austria

Austria, one of a group of Central European nations that all rank in the top 15, completes the top five safest countries in the world. Others include the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia. Austria is a free and stable democracy with a social market economy, and the United States and Austria are partners in promoting global security, bolstering economic cooperation, and working together to promote and defend our shared values around the world, according to the U.S. Department of State. Read also 4 Cities With Good Weather To Retire Comfortably At a Relatively Low Monthly Budget

7. Portugal

For the best places for retirees to live outside the US, Portugal, which is located in Western Europe, is the sixth-safest nation in the world. Portugal and Ireland are the only nations in Western Europe to hold seats in the ranking’s exclusive top 15 safest nations in the world, even if you exclude the Nordic nations and include Switzerland in the Central bloc.

Portugal’s rating is impressive, but it has really declined a little. In 2020, it was placed third, just ahead of New Zealand and Iceland, while in 2021, Portugal occupied the No.4 position. Read also 10 Most Affordable Places In The United States To Retire On a Low Budget

8. Singapore

Singapore is one of only two alternatives if you’re hoping for the best places for retirees to live outside the US, in the East; Slovenia and the Czech Republic are ranked higher than Singapore. It is ranked as the ninth-safest nation in the world.

The Singapore Economic Development Board claims that for quality of life, Singapore is the best in all of Asia. It is also Asia’s greatest location for expat living and the second safest city in the world. According to Gallup research, 94% of Singaporeans feel comfortable walking alone at night, compared to 69% globally. This is attributed to “consistently low crime rates, a clear legal framework, and a trustworthy police force supported by vigilant citizenry,” according to the report. Read also 15 Best Beach Cities To Retire In US On $2,500 Monthly Budget

9. Japan

Japan, which is ranked No.10 in the list of the safest countries in the world, is the only other Asian country to make the top 15 and the last on the list outside of Europe. Japan consistently places close to the top of the list due to its low rates of violent and property crime.

Intrepid claims that rather than criminals, Mother Nature poses the greatest threat. In addition to being vulnerable to typhoons, Japan is also vulnerable to severe earthquakes and tsunamis because of its placement in the Ring of Fire. Read also Where You Can Anticipate a Cost Of Living Below The National Average – Here Are 14 Cheapest And Best Cities To Live In US

10. The Swiss

Switzerland, which ranks No.11 on the Global Peace Index, completes the list. It has a long history of being praised for it’s breathtaking mountain scenery and other forms of natural beauty, as well as for it’s friendly locals, rich cultural heritage, and remarkably low crime rates. In reality, crime is essentially nonexistent in many villages and enclaves, making this country one of the best places for retirees to live outside the US. Read also 10 Affordable And Best Cities To Retire In Florida On a $2,500 Monthly Budget


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