7 Countries That Gives You Free Land And Money For You To Stay With Them

Countries giving away free land or money

7 Countries Giving Away Free Land or Money To Stay With Them

Countries giving away free land and money – There was a time when people were able to get cheaper lands at a lower cost an acre, but it’s unfortunate that these days there isn’t much you can get for any price lower anywhere round the world.

However, there are still a number of well developed counties that make it totally possible to buy land with a small budget and or even for free with a give away cash to move in there. However, each county has something unique that makes it worth buying cheap land there.

In this well-sorted article, I will walk you through what you should know about countries giving away free land or money, and the cheapest places to find land for sale. Read also 4 Important Steps To Take Right Now To Cut Down Debt And Secure Your Financial Future

Get a Free Land, Become Part of a Community

If only you work remotely or are self-employed, you should consider theses countries giving away free land or money to move in there. If you have joined the remote-work revolution, you might have the opportunity to move wherever you want for the first time in your career. If you are looking for a change of pace in a brand-new place, but you don’t know how you could possibly afford to relocate, consider the fact that there are destinations around the world that want your company so badly that they will give you land, a home and or huge amount of money to make you a member of their community.

Below are the towns, cities, states and countries giving away free land or money and property or both to become one of them. Read also How To Start A Successful Travel Agency Business In 16 Smart Steps

The Countries Giving Away Free Land or Money To Be Part of Them

1. Maenza, Italy

Italy’s $1 home bonanza started in the village called Gangi in 2011. Having 5,800 towns with fewer than 5,000 residents where 2,300 of which are totally abandoned or close to be abandoned. The country is at risk of losing it’s historic rural hamlet culture. Starting with Gangi, a small, remote villages across the country began selling abandoned homes for $1 in order to try to increase their populations. Most of the locations have been isolated and remote until now.

In 2021, Maenza became the first town with proximity to Rome to join the $1 craze, marking the first time that a giveaway town that wasn’t an off-the-map backwater where travel was difficult and opportunities for work and academics were sparse. Read also 9 Smart Ways To Make Your Money Work For You

2. Pipestone, Canada

The rural municipality of Pipestone in Manitoba, Canada, is selling plots of land for $10 for residential use only. Interested buyers pay a $1,000 deposit and sign an offer agreement. When they build a home within the terms of the offer agreement, they get a refund of $990.

According to the Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center, it’s part of a nationwide movement that began in New Brunswick when a single couple began giving away chunks of their 130-acre plot of land to create a new town around their home. Read also 9 Must-Know Tips To Making The Most Out Of Self-Employment

3. The Scottish Islands

Countries giving away free land – Scotland is home to nearly 1,000 offshore islands whose communities are a crucial part of Scottish culture and history , but the populations of those communities are decreasing. To reinvigorate those isolated towns and hamlets, the government launched the National Islands Plan in 2019 and the initiative has survived both Brexit and the pandemic.

Scottish authorities launched a bond fund to give £50,000, about $65,000 for up to 100 households who relocate to qualifying islands through 2026. Read also How To Start A Successful Travel Agency Business In 16 Smart Steps

4. Mankato, Kansas

Mankato is a town of 900 people located in a county of around 3,000 and if a small-town atmosphere in a rural part of a rural state sounds good to you, you can move there for free land. The town is giving away more than two dozen plots to people who agree to build homes on those lots within six months.

However, all lots are closer to the local hospital, school, steakhouse and motel, and are just a half-mile away from the town’s shopping district. One of the places or countries giving away free land you to move in there with them. Read also How To Practically Reward Yourself With Ten Percent Paycheck Savings Every Month

5. West Virginia

West Virginia is known for it’s rugged beauty and mountain wilderness. West Virginia is suffering from acute population decline that’s nearly unmatched in the rest of the country. In order to reverse the flow of people, the government launched Ascend West Virginia, a program designed to lure new residents and stop the outward movement.

The initiative offers $20,000 to anyone willing to pull up stakes and relocate to the Mountain State. The first part of the bounty is a $12,000 cash payment, no strings attached; that comes with $10,000 doled out over the first year and $2,000 over the second year. The other $8,000 comes from freebies like free whitewater rafting, skiing and other outdoor recreation, which can otherwise get pricey fast, with free rentals and gear for you and your family. Participants also get free co-working space and free professional development and entrepreneurial assistance. Grab this opportunity if you are in the states or decide moving there. Read also Financial Literacy Strategy To Build Sustainable Wealth

6. Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Remote program, which incentivizes telecommuters with out-of-state full-time remote employment to relocate to Oklahoma, saw applications soar by 300% during the pandemic. Now, it’s beefed up its offerings with a fresh cash incentive. The city is giving $10,000 to qualifying participants who purchase a home in Tulsa. The money is awarded as a lump sum, and in the city where the median home price is just over $205,000, $10,000 represents about 25% of a 20% down payment. Just another one of the cities and countries giving away free land or money, participate! Read also 10 Best Ways To Build Wealth Quickly With Or Without Money

7. Vermont, New England

The state government of Vermont is offering two different incentives to lure new residents to the heart of New England. The “New Relocating Worker Grant” is for new residents who are filling a vacancy with a Vermont employer. The “New Remote Worker Grant” is for new arrivals who work remotely for an employer located out of the state.

There are several qualifying factors, however, those who deems fit can receive up to $7,500 to move to Vermont for free. If you are travel and remote worker in New England, consider Vermont for a free stay plus cash! Read also 20 Creative Strategies To Save Money In Daily Life – The Smart Guide To Gain Control Of Your Financial Future


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