6 Practical Ways To Stay Sane As a Working Mom

How to avoid work from home burnout as a working mom

How To Avoid Work From Home Burnout As a Working Mom

“How to avoid work from home burnout”
Working moms have been praised for being able to work from home, but this isn’t always the case. The “work-from-home revolution” was dubbed a “trap for women” in a recent Bloomberg piece, which noted that the partner who works from home typically has to take care of the home and children in addition to working full-time. This is probably a factor in the increased stress that working women are experiencing. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Women at Work poll, 46% of women report feeling burned out and 53% of women believe their stress levels are higher now than they were a year ago. Read also 10 Best Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms To Utilise The Best Opportunities While In The Home

How To Avoid Work From Home Burnout As a Working Mom

Setting appropriate limits with yourself and others will help prevent burnout because being a full-time worker and full-time caregiver will eventually result in this. In this installment of the “Financially Savvy Female” column, we have compiled this article on how to avoid work from home burnout as a working mom. These are practical ways to stay sane as a working mom. Below are 6 strategies on how to avoid work from home burnout. Read also 5 Proven Ways To Find A New Job That Fits Your Desired Career

6 Practical Ways To Stay Sane As a Working Mom

1. Establish Regular Work Hours

When your house serves as your workplace, it’s simple to be hooked into working more. Being at home might make it simple to continue working after the kids have gone to bed and until dinner. Just as you would if you were in a real office, turn off your computer and exit the space.

You might need to be honest with your supervisor about your expectations in order to be able to achieve this in a practical manner. In addition to deciding when the day ends, agree on how availability will look if tasks require after-hours attention. After that, it should be the exception if someone needs you. This is a practical way on how to avoid work from home burnout as a working mom. Read also 5 Non-Monetary Factors To Consider When Looking For A Job – Don’t Accept Employment To Any Company That Doesn’t Consider These

2. Daily Breaks Are Important

Stress management benefits from regular breaks for exercise or meditation, according to Dr. Jacqueline Kerr, behavior scientist and host of the podcast “Overcoming Working Mom Burnout.” “Using focused work techniques, like the Pomodoro technique with 25-minute increments, can help.” Read also 10 Non-Coding Jobs Available For Computer Science Students To Easily Get Employed

3. Allocate Household Duties With Your Partner.

It’s not necessary for you to handle every domestic chore just because you work from home. Have an honest discussion with your partner about how “WE want to complete tasks” rather than how “YOU can complete everything” since you cannot. I suggest Eve Rodsky’s book “Fair Play” as a manual for equally allocating home duties. This is a great way on how to avoid work from home burnout as a working mom. Read also 5 Easy Side Hustle Jobs That Pay Well With Less Effort

4. Set Aside “Me Time”

You should schedule time each week for you to do something by yourself that will help you to relax and rejuvenate, just as you schedule time for family duties and business meetings. There is absolutely no other way that it can happen. To prevent anything from being planned on top of it, you must wall it off. If you really don’t feel like you have much time for yourself, try starting with only 30 minutes a week and working your way up. It’s also crucial to occasionally take long vacations from family commitments.

Moms need to focus on their needs or their work by taking a weekend or a whole week off from parenting and domestic duties, according to Kerr. “Moms’ minds begin to function again without these diversion, and they can rebuild trust in their talents. Read also 9 Best Work From Home Small Business Ideas To Generate Wealth As An Online Entrepreneur

5. Utilize or Establish a Support System

For how to avoid work from home burnout as a working mom, every woman need to have a village. This should include members of the family, close friends, other mothers, teachers, coworkers, and more. Each has a unique purpose, but they all work together to support you. When you operate remotely, it’s crucial to maintain contact with your colleagues.

Spend time having fun with your coworkers so that you may stay informed about what’s going on in their lives. These connections are an integral element of your daily existence. They help you feel more connected to your workplace, and having a good laugh with coworkers may instantly relieve stress and tension. Read also 20 Simple Steps To Start A Profitable Soap Making Business From Home

6. Cut Back On Multitasking

You might believe that multitasking is the only effective way to complete everything on your to-do list, yet this is frequently ineffective. According to studies, multitasking impairs performance and has negative effects on brain health. Some things will simply need to wait for their chance. Read also 5 Creative Ways To Re-use Plastic At Home And Save Greater Amount Of Money


The most recent statistics show that women control $72 billion in private wealth, but less women than men believe that their financial situation is “good” or “excellent.” Women are still paid less than men on average, are less inclined to invest, and are more likely to be in debt. We will investigate the causes of these injustices and offer remedies to address them. This will help them take control of their money and lead richer lives because financial literacy is the first step toward achieving financial equality. Read also How To Make a Home Office in Small Space: 11 Budget-Friendly Ways To Create a Home Office


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