How To Make Money On Facebook Easily In Ghana

How to make money on Facebook

How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social media, having the largest majority of social media users, making money on Facebook has become so easy and fast due to it’s wider range of use worldwide. It could be of great benefit to you if instead of using Facebook without earning, consider making the most out of it. Whether you are a business owner or perhaps you have only one item to sell, anyone can make money on Facebook. There are several ways you can make money on Facebook and i urge you to read on as I take you through how to make money on Facebook. It’s about time you use Facebook for business and as a side hustle, whether using it as a means to boost your sales, reach customers or as mainstream revenue centre through content and posts. A lot of smart people have already made thousands of dollars on Facebook and you should also take advantage of it.

Doing Facebook For Business

If you actually mean business with Facebook or hey, I mean if you want to make money on Facebook, you should mean business! On Facebook, your profile talks a lot about you and it’s the first thing users look before considering your content. By this i mean create a professional looking profile be it personal or business page or group. It’s necessary to separate personal profile from business profile to make things look professional and clean. Make sure your profile looks different from spammy profiles by adding contacts and location. Add contents to keep your audience engaged! Before we move on take note of these;

✔ Your profile is first impression, keep it professional.

✔ Have separate profile for personal and business accounts.

✔ Add your contacts and location.

✔ keep your audience or customers engaging

✔ Make sure your page or business profile abides by Facebook page and content policies.

How To Make Money On Facebook

As said earlier, if you actually want to know how to make money on Facebook instead of making “Hello’s and hi’s” on messenger then you should really mean business. The following are ways to make money on Facebook. Join local buy and sell groups, Sell on Facebook Marketplace, Create Facebook Ads, sell Facebook groups, Host a Fundraiser,  apply For Jobs, Social Media Management, Create and monetize Facebook Live Videos.

1. Monetize your content with Facebook ads

If you share content on your Pages and accounts with your audience on Facebook that actually add value for both the Facebook users and it’s advertisers then you can monetize it to generate reliable revenue that could be sustainable for a long time. There are four ways you can monetize your Facebook content.

In-stream ads, placing in-streaming ads allows you to earn money by attaching short ads before, during and after your videos. Facebook automatically identifies natural breaks in your content to place your ads, or better still you can decide to choose your own ad  placements. In-stream earnings are however determined by factors such as number of people who views your video and the advertisers.

The second monetization option for your Facebook content is to add paid subscription to your pages. Fan subscriptions allows the audience that follows your Page most to directly subscribe to fund it through monthly and recurring subscription or payments according to how you set it.

You can also generate revenue on Facebook through branded contents by publishing content that are featured or are influenced by business partners. So many brands are seeking to work with content creators with greater amount of audiences. You can find and connect with brands through brand collabs manager with ease and convenience.

Another way to generate revenue on Facebook through group member subscriptions where you can add paid membership to groups. Subscription groups helps group administrators to generate considerable revenue by means of paid subscriptions. Note that it this depends on the kind of content shared in the group and how important it is to people.

2. Join or create a local buy and sell group

If you’re want to sell your goods locally, you should join your local buy and sell groups on Facebook to make it easy to sell your goods. You can always create posts in one group and you have another option to choose other groups before the post is published. You may also create your own buy/sell group to sell your goods and services. Many people have had their goods ordered through these groups and have been making it big all over.

3. Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Equally like the buy and sell groups, Facebook marketplace allows users to post goods and services for sale with a desired location. The Marketplace is a free feature where you can buy, sell, or trade almost anything in your local area. You can reach a considerable customers on your locality through the Facebook marketplace. Customers who are interested in your goods and services may hit you up on your contact provided.

4. Sales of Facebook groups

Day in and out, content marketers such as bloggers are looking for competitive and active Facebook groups to share their websites content for wide range engagement. They tend to buy active Facebook groups to get their content marketed to the right audience. It’s the current money making business on Facebook. If you are good at creating engaging and active Facebook groups, you can turn that into business by selling your groups to content marketers. As a group admin, you may also take incentives to post important posts in the announcement section for easy engagement by audience. This is one of the easiest ways on how to make money on Facebook.

5. Apply for jobs on Facebook

You could also choose the option of applying for your desired and profile-matching jobs. Facebook has their very own job board that helps you find  new jobs. Local companies advertises open positions in the “Jobs”  feature on Facebook. You may find part-time and full-time jobs for many job providers on the job page. There are also groups that list online job leads, you can join different groups to find job leads and also get more details and insights about the application process and work experience from the group members. You may also get job notifications when ever jobs matching your profile and near to you are available or accepts application. This is the more reason why your profile should look genuine and professional.

6. Host a fundraiser

Another way to make money on Facebook is by hosting a fundraiser. You may not generate direct revenue for yourself but you can do crowd funding for others in terms of Personal emergency, Crisis relief, Health and medical, Education and training, International NGO. You may not raise the fund for your personal use but by so doing, you could get recognition from various spheres that can help you generate leads for your other pages, all in the money making business. You could create golden opportunities for yourself by being a fundraiser to help others in their odds.

7. Social media management

In this era of social media dominance, you shouldn’t be told how to make money on Facebook because a lot of people with the technical know-how on social media such as Facebook are making it big with thousands of dollars a month. If you know how to manage Facebook pages, groups, live streams, podcasting and content creation, you could be hired by industries and organizations to deliver such tasks. Almost every industry, organizations, companies and individuals are yelling to have Facebook pages, groups and live streams to get in touch with their target audience. Social media managers are now hot cakes and the most sought for jobs these days.

8. Help Facebook user with your expertise

With this, you have to find Facebook groups that matches your field of expertise. You can help answer questions of others and engaging contents in groups as a way of online forums discussions. This is a great way for bloggers to drive traffic to their websites when they help solve problems of people who are interested in your opinions, they will follow up through links you share to your website and YouTube to read more.

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