JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment

How To Make a JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment

“JPMorgan Chase Bank Mortgage Payment”
When paying off mortgage principal and interest, making timely payments is critical to protecting your credit. JPMorgan Chase, the servicer of Chase home loans, makes it easy with a variety of payment choices.

Read on to learn about your options for making a JPMorgan Chase bank mortgage payment.

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How Can I Make My JPMorgan Chase bank Mortgage Payment?

Chase offers borrowers the following options for making a JPMorgan chase bank mortgage payment:

•By mail
•By phone
•In person at a Chase branch location

Steps For Each Available Option

How To Make a Chase Mortgage Payment Online

When making a Chase mortgage payment online, you can either pay from a Chase account or an external account.

√How To Pay From a Chase Account

•Navigate to the Chase website and sign in to your account.

•Click the “Pay and transfer” option.

•Click “Pay bills.” Select your Chase mortgage account, then schedule your payment.

•Write down your confirmation number.

√How To Pay From an External Account

•Navigate to the Chase website and sign in to your account.

•Click the “Pay and transfer” option.
•Click “Pay bills.”
•Click “Pay from accounts” and then click “External accounts.”
•Click on the non-Chase bank account that you’ll use to make your mortgage payment.

When setting up an external account as a pay-from account, it might take up to a few days for Chase to authenticate your account. To avoid late fees, complete these steps far in advance of when your payment needs to post.

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Make a Chase Mortgage Payment by Mail

When making a Chase home mortgage payment by mail, allow five to seven days for your payment to reach Chase by your payment due date:

•Make out a check or money order for the amount of your payment.
•Indicate on the payment coupon if you are making additional principal or escrow payments toward your loan.
•Send the payment, along with the payment coupon, to the payment address listed on your statement.
•In case you don’t have a statement, call Chase customer service at 800-848-9136 and ask the representative for the payment address for your location. You can also view your statement online.

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Make a Chase Mortgage Payment by Phone

Making your Chase house payment by phone is easy, plus it posts the same day when you make it from a checking account. Here’s what you need to know:

•Gather your bank’s routing number and your checking or savings account number.
•Call 833-PayChase (833-729-2427) and follow the automated prompts to complete your payment.
Write down your confirmation number once your payment is complete.
•Make a Chase Mortgage Payment at a Branch
You can also opt to pay in person. •Use the Chase Bank branch locator to find the branch nearest you.

•Fill out a check or money order for the amount of your mortgage payment.
•Take your payment and payment coupon to the Chase branch location nearest you to have your payment credited to your account.

Opting For Automatic Payments

Although you can make one-time online payments, you can also set up free automatic payments for once a month, twice a month or once every two weeks. Making half your payment once every two weeks will allow you to make at least two half payments extra per year, which will help you pay off your mortgage more quickly.

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Drawbacks of Using Another Bank’s Payment Service

When using another bank’s payment service to make mortgage loan payments to Chase, you’ll need to set up the payments on the other bank’s website. Sometimes banks mail a check instead of processing an online transaction, which means that your payment might not process the same day it’s made. Chase recommends scheduling your payment five to seven business days in advance. Also, if you want to make additional principal or escrow payments, they might not be applied correctly when using a third-party payment service.

Chase Bank Mortgage Payment Fees

Making a JPMorgan chase bank mortgage payment is free. You can incur a late fee, however, if you don’t pay on time. The late fee amount is listed on your statement and is based on your loan amount, property location and the rates found in your agreement.

Although your Chase mortgage rate won’t increase because of a late payment, Chase might report the lack of payment if it’s late by 30 days or more. Cutoff times for payments are 7:30 p.m. ET for payments made online from a Chase account and 8:30 p.m. ET for payments made online from a non-Chase account. Chase might also charge you a non-sufficient funds fee of $0 to $25 if your payment is returned due to lack of funds.

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