9 Best Self-employed Jobs That Pays Well In Ghana

Best self-employed jobs

Best Self Employed Jobs That Pays Well In Ghana

The joy of being self employed in Ghana is unspeakable, aside managing your own affairs you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. Sometimes so many people become frustrated about getting employed in Ghana while being oblivious that they can actually employ themselves and eventually become their own boss. Self employment in Ghana is a way too smart to reducing hardship in the system. With over 80,000+ students graduate from the various tertiary institutions in Ghana every single year, how can all these graduates be employed in the government sectors? People get stranded after offering national service and thereby adding up to unemployment rate in the country. You know? There’s no need to join any unemployment association! in this post, I will take you through the best self employed jobs to do in Ghana that will pay you well as comparable to the white colour jobs.

Self employed jobs are independent jobs managed and done by any individual that potentially pays them for a living. Self employed workers are independent workers who works for themselves.

The Benefits Of Working For Yourself

Best self employed jobs literally has amazing benefits to self-employed individuals. Successful entrepreneurs and great speakers will always encourage people to “work for themselves” that’s to become self-employed to enjoy amazing benefits. Below are some amazing benefits of best self employed jobs in Ghana.

✔ Self employment enhances you to work and earn from doing what you love, enjoying your passion for work.

✔ working for yourself makes you more determined and dedicated to work and succeed.

✔ Self employment, when you do it well with hard work you can maximize your earnings with higher income as far comparable to salary workers.

✔ With shelf employment, you pay yourself, the hassles of missing payment dates as in salary workers don’t apply to self employed workers.

✔ You make your own work schedules as a self-employed worker.

✔ It enhances your daily or weekly  savings and plan to save towards making it a large scale business.

Best Self Employed Jobs In Ghana

1. Graphic designs

Graphic designs is a job that involves logo designs, invitation cards, creating visual concepts(intro’s and outro’s of videos) and many more. You can consider working for yourself as graphics designer with little experience, read How To Start Your Own Business In Ghana With 10 Simple Steps to know more about how to employ yourself in Ghana and make a good living.

1. Computers and mobile phones repairs

Repairing computers, mobile phones and sales of accessories is a good money making self-employed job you can do in Ghana. It’s one of the best self-employed work in Ghana that pays much because of the wider usage of computers and mobile phones.

3. Job training tutorials

One of the fastest money making jobs in Ghana currently is becoming a job training tutor. Training people to learn how to do 3D epoxy, soap making, organic fertilizer, bee rearing and other jobs. If you are good at training people to learn new things, it’s time to employ yourself as a job trainer.

4. Event planning and organizing

If you are good at planning and organizing events, you should consider employing yourself. Event planners and organizers enjoy the benefits of good amount of money. People will need you to plan, manage and organize individual, corporate and public events such as marriage ceremonies, festivals and national events.

5. Mobile money agent

You can employ yourself as a mobile money agent in Ghana. Mobile money merchants transfer and withdraw money, sales of scratch cards and sales of phone accessories are what mobile money agents in Ghana do. It’s the most popular and widely patronized job in Ghana currently. Consider job location when you decide to employ yourself in mobile money merchant job.

6. Mushroom and snail farming

Thanks to technology, mushroom can be nursed and grown easily in few days, whereby snail can be reared so easily as well. You can employ yourself by farming mushroom and snail, you might not have any idea of how much people earn from such jobs. Majority of Ghanaians like snail and mushroom, hence higher prices because of it’s scarcity and oddness in the system.

7. Beauty and hairstyling

Hairstyling is one job that has a greater female patronage in Ghana. If you are searching for a good self-employed job to learn and start your own job, consider learning hairstyling, it’s the kind of self employment that has the tendency of earning you enough cash daily.

8. Dropshipping

Dropshipping means to sell goods in an online platform such as ecommerce, when someone makes payment for order, you then buy or make the payment of the goods from the main source and make a direct delivery to the buyer. Dropshipping is very popular to a section of people who do online marketing. Dropshipping pays a lot and you can consider employing yourself as a dropshipper in Ghana, do it right and enjoy the benefits.

9. Photography and video editing

Photographs are well valued from time immemorial, still today, it’s highly patronized by majority of social media users, programs and events. Get a good camera and get yourself employed in photography and start making a living. It becomes professional if you can edit photos and videos to a maximum quality. Get yourself employed in the “kekraw” business!


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