8 Best High Paying Remote Jobs That Pays At Least $100K To Give You a Sense Of High Income Availability

Working from home, Best high paying remote jobs

8 Best High Paying Remote Jobs That Pay $100K Annually – Experience And Education Required

“Best high paying remote jobs”
Working from home have numerous advantages, better work-life balance, cost savings on transportation and business attire, and perhaps even increased productivity are all possible benefits. It appears that remote employment will continue to exist, especially for individuals with well-paying jobs.

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Best High Paying Remote Jobs That Pay $100k

In Q3 of 2021, remote employment with wages of $100,000 or more accounted for roughly 15% of all high-paying job advertisements, up from less than 4% before to the epidemic, according to researchers from Ladders, Inc. By the end of this year, the business predicted that 25% of all professional positions would be distant.

Below are eight best high paying remote jobs that pay $100K to give you a sense of what is available for higher incomes who wish to work from home.

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8 Top Work-From-Home Jobs With $100K Pay

1. Clinical Trials Manager

√$100,000 to $130,000 annually

For the best high paying remote jobs, consider becoming a clinical trials manager. To determine whether a new medicine, gadget, or medical therapy is effective, researchers use clinical trials. Clinical trial managers are responsible for overseeing the clinical operations and standards of assigned trials while adhering to all applicable compliance regulations. They supply clinical trial investigators with the research resources they need to finish the trial, keep an eye on their performance, and ensure that all necessary tasks are carried out.

A bachelor’s degree, several years of clinical trial management experience, and strong communication and organizational abilities are requirements for this position.

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2. Amazon Web Services Authorized Instructor

√Salary per year: $115,000

Also consider Amazon web services for the best high paying remote jobs. AWS, often known as Amazon Web Services, is the most widely used and complete cloud platform in the world, being used by millions of small enterprises, established corporations, and governmental organizations. In order to educate and prepare students for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, an AWS certified instructor employs official AWS curriculum and information.

An AWS approved instructor badge, an AWS cloud practitioner certificate, an AWS solutions architect certificate, and an AWS developer certificate are among the current AWS badges and qualifications that qualify candidates for this position.

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3. Senior Internal Auditor

√$100,000 in salary annually

For the best high paying remote jobs, a senior internal auditor completes financial audits of companies while adhering to predetermined schedules and spending limits. They may also help with or complete financial risk evaluations. Additionally, this expert is responsible for writing audit reports and scheduling meetings with management to go over the audit’s results.

A bachelor’s degree and the required professional certifications, such as CPA, certified fraud examiner, or certified information systems auditor, are requirements for becoming a senior internal auditor. It’s also necessary to have two to four years of internal audit expertise in addition to having great time management, communication, and organization abilities.

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4. Educational Marketing Director

√$100,000 to $110,000 annually

A corporation that provides educational goods or services to public schools or school districts employs a director of educational marketing. This person is in charge of investigating the districts and schools that make up the company’s target market, as well as coming up with and putting into practice marketing plans that will aid in obtaining contracts with those districts and schools for the purchase of educational goods or services.

A bachelor’s degree, five years of experience targeting buyers with educational products or services, the capacity to work with people of various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as excellent communication and organizational skills, are requirements for the position of director of educational marketing. Educational marketing director is one of the best high paying remote jobs that pay $100,000 annually.

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5. Senior Financial Content Writer

√$120,000 in salary annually

A senior financial content writer is knowledgeable in writing financial content and can make clear and persuasive copy for a business’s blog, website, or marketing materials with ease. You must have at least seven years of marketing or journalism experience, as well as at least four years of documented writing experience in the areas of business, finance, or money.

Additionally, you’ll need to have a strong portfolio of papers that demonstrate your aptitude for financial and financial analysis. Writing skills that extend beyond blog posts, such as those for marketing materials, headlines, infographics, case studies, and white papers, are crucial.

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6. Accounting Manager

√Salary: $115,500 to $140,000 annually

For the best high paying remote jobs, accounting managers oversee and organize a company’s accounting department, which includes keeping track of ledger accounts, financial statements, and taking the initiative on challenging accounting initiatives. Additionally, they recruit, train, and coach staff members while ensuring that they follow the rules for accounting control and task deadlines.

You’ll likely need to be a CPA or at least have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and in-depth knowledge of accounting processes and procedures to be qualified for an accounting manager position. Additionally, you’ll require a ton of experience dealing with statutory affairs, authorities, and compliance-related difficulties. Additionally required is the capacity to compose and deliver a formal presentation to top management based on accounting results.

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7. Cybersecurity Analyst

√Salary: $115,000 to $125,000 year

A cybersecurity analyst installs security software, conducts risk analyses, and fixes vulnerabilities to prevent unauthorized access and theft of a company’s hardware, software, and networks. Additionally, this expert keeps an eye on network activity and looks into any incidents or potential dangers.

You must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or informatics to be eligible to work as a cybersecurity analyst. Additionally, you’ll need at least five years of experience in IT security, as well as general IT and security knowledge and in-depth expertise in at least one field, including application security or cybersecurity operations.

You’ll need to understand how to generate security reports and extract security data. You might also require a certified information systems security professional certification, or CISSP, in addition to a bachelor’s degree and five years of work experience.

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8. Email Marketing Manager

√Salary: $100,000 to $105,000 annually

One of the best high paying remote jobs – An email marketing manager is in charge of developing and implementing email campaigns that increase sales. They also analyze and interpret data and recommend changes to increase the effectiveness of each campaign.

You’ll need several years of email marketing expertise, including knowledge of email marketing tools like Marketo or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to become an email marketing manager. Additionally needed are excellent writing and editing abilities, project management know-how, and email platform migration knowledge.

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