Your Phone Opens Up a World of Possibilities For Making Money! Here Are 15 Legit Ways To Make Money On Your Phone

Best ways to make money on your phone

15 Best Ways To Make Money On Your Phone

“Best ways to make money on your phone” Almost everyone has access to a phone, which can be a useful tool for finding possibilities to make money. Your phone can be a good starting point for making money, whether you want to make better use of your free time or you want to increase your income to the point where you can work full-time.

TalkFinance24 have compiled the 15 best ways to make money on your phone without any hassle.

How To Use Your SmartPhone to Earn Extra Cash

When you’re trying the best way to make money on your phone, you generally have the option to use apps that reward you with cash or points, use your phone to sell items or services or use your phone to complete more traditional jobs, like customer service.

Some best ways to make money on your phone include:

Playing games
Watching videos
Selling your data
Selling clothes and other items
Completing surveys
Completing user tests
Taking pictures and videos
Earning rewards for walking
Earning rewards for helping the environment
Sharing your knowledge
Using gig apps
Becoming a customer service agent
Becoming a language tutor
Earning cash back for online shopping
Investing with apps

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15 Best Ways to Make Money on Your Phone

Below are what you need to know about the best way to make money on your phone.

1. Play Games

The easiest and best way to make money on your phone. You can earn money by downloading apps that reward you for playing certain games. Offers may vary from completing simple tasks like downloading a game to more in-depth assignments like reaching a certain level.

You may also be able to make money from eSports, online slot machine games or online poker games. However, you’ll need to be aware of gambling regulations for some of these games.

2. Watch Videos

One of the simplest and best ways to make money on your phone is by watching videos, download an app like Swagbucks or InboxDollars that will reward you with cash or points to watch videos.

You could search for jobs like tagging Netflix videos if you want something that offers more money and consistency.

3. Sell Your Data

Dou you have more data? If you don’t mind letting companies learn about your browsing or phone usage data, this may be a good option for passive income.

Nielsen is a reputable company that will provide users with up to $50 in rewards points per year, monthly entries into $10,000 giveaways and tokens to play online scratch-off games. Users simply have to download software onto their phone or computer to allow Nielsen to collect data.

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4. Sell Your Items

Selling your items is another best way to make money on your phone. If you have extra stuff around your house that you don’t need, use smartphone apps to sell your items and turn them into cash. Apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace are easily accessible and suitable for general products, or you could choose to use apps for a specific type of item. For example, Poshmark is meant for selling clothes.

5. Complete Surveys

For best ways to make money on your phone, use apps like Survey Junkie to complete surveys within minutes. Each survey will pay a certain amount, typically depending on the length of the survey. Some apps will reward users with cash, while others offer points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other rewards.

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6. Complete User Tests

User testing requires you to try out websites, apps, and products to provide feedback to the company. Some of the best user testing platforms include UserTesting and IntelliZoom. They pay users to complete surveys and interviews, and payments are made through PayPal.

7. Take Pictures and Videos

With your phone, the best way to make money on your phone is to take advantage of it’s camera. Foap is an app where users can upload their pictures and videos to be bought by brands or individuals. When someone buys your picture, you split the sale with Foap. Other apps you can use similarly are Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

8. Earn Rewards for Walking

Sweatcoin allows users to track their steps and convert them into Sweatcoins. You can redeem Sweatcoins for products such as shoes or electronics, donate to a charity of your choice or convert them to SWEAT — a new cryptocurrency that the app has launched in September this year.

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9. Share Your Knowledge

Looking for the best ways to make money on your phone? Apps like JustAnswer allow people with high levels of knowledge in one area earn money to answer questions about their expertise. The application process involves a background check, but you can set your hours and choose which questions you answer. JustAnswer claims that experts can make between $2,000 and $7,000 per month.

10. Use Gig Apps

Another best way to make money on your phone is gig apps. Gig apps include a lot of different options, including delivering food, ridesharing, dog walking, freelancing and more. Some of the best apps include Instacart, DoorDash, TaskRabbit and Rover. You can choose gigs based on your availability and skills.

11. Use Secret Shopper Apps

Apps like Field Agent or Gigwalk have various secret shopping tasks for just about anyone to complete. Some jobs may include taking photos of a product, checking prices on signage or leaving reviews.

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12. Become a Customer Service Agent

Want the best ways to make money on your phone? Become a customer service agent. Being a customer service agent is a real job, so it has the potential to offer more cash than some of the other methods to make money from your phone. However, it also might require additional resources, such as a computer, separate phone line or anything else that a company requires.

With that said, many people use their cell phones to become customer service agents from home, and you may be able to choose your schedule depending on which company you work for.

13. Become a Language Tutor

A lot of online platforms allow users to teach languages to other people. Some of the most popular websites include Verbling and iTalki. You can choose your rates within certain limits, and tutors have the potential to turn this gig into a full-time income.

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14. Earn Cash Back for Online Shopping

For best ways to make money on your phone, consider this. Many apps like it Rakuten or Ibotta will let you receive cash back anytime you shop. Each app functions differently, so some might link to your payment card, while others might have you upload receipts and answer questions about your shopping trip. Regardless, they can help you save money on the things you would buy anyway.

15. Invest with Apps

One of the best long-term ways to make money on your phone is by using investment apps. Apps like E-Trade and Fidelity Spire will let you invest and learn about financial topics along the way. However, you will need some capital to begin, so you shouldn’t view this method as a “get rich quick” option.


Your phone opens up a world of possibilities for making money. There are a lot of apps that individuals can use to make money, whether they want to make a little bit of side income or embrace a whole new job.

The first thing you should do to make money on your phone is to research your options. Make sure you know how much money you’d like to make and how much time you will need to dedicate to the activity or job.

If you have to provide personal information or invest money to get started, make sure that you are choosing a reputable company to work with.

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