How To Get a Home Loan With No Credit Score – According To Finance Expert, Dave Ramsey

Can you get a home loan without a credit score

Can You Get a Home Loan Without a Credit Score? – How To Buy a Home Without a Credit Score According To Dave Ramsey

Can You get a home loan without a credit score? Dave Ramsey has an answer to this question. You typically need a competitive offer, an excellent agent, and frequently a reliable bank that can provide financing in order to buy a new property. A credit score, though, might not be something you require. At least, that’s what financial expert Dave Ramsey and a few of his reliable associates claim.

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Can You Get a Home Loan Without a Credit Score? – Dave Ramsey Answers

In a tweet, Ramsey shared a post from fellow money master (and cohost of “The Ramsey Show”) George Kamel. Ramsey wrote in the caption: “To anyone who still thinks “can you get a home loan without a credit score?” Or perhaps you need a credit score to buy a home, George explains exactly how to buy a home WITHOUT a credit score.” It would seem counterintuitive for a bank to lend someone a huge amount of money without knowing if they are a responsible borrower, but Kamel refuted the idea that you need a credit score to get a mortgage. In fact, he said, he did so himself.

Kamel’s video (the first installment of his new YouTube channel) told more. He started with a rundown of how “crazy” the housing market has been the past few years, boiling it down to an issue of supply and demand as there are more eligible homebuyers wanting to secure a home today than even in 2008. And that has caused home prices to “skyrocket,” he added.

But while buyers can’t control prices, they can control how we get the keys to a new home.

Kamel then delved into the idea of a manual underwriting process, or a “no score loan.” As opposed to an automated underwriting process in “which robots and computers decide if we’re going to get a mortgage based on credit history,” Kamel explained, manual underwriting means “a real person looks at your real financial situation.” He equated it to a deep investigation into a person’s ability to repay debt, using data like your W2s, rent history, tax returns and regular, ongoing monthly payments.

Kamel did warn the process takes a bit longer and requires a ton of paperwork — but could be worth it for someone who has no credit history. He also advised that you’ll need a solid down payment: at least 10% to get a good interest rate and 20% to get the best rate as well as avoid the need for private mortgage insurance. Furthermore, a good down payment will make the loan you take out appear less risky to the financial institution lending the money.

Can You Get a Home Loan Without a Credit Score? – Kamel Answers

Another big tip Kamel offered is going for a 15-year fixed loan in order to get out of debt quicker (keeping with the no score theme) while saving “up to six figures” on interest rate fees. It’s wise to keep the mortgage payment below 25% of your monthly income, he added.

In fact, Churchill Mortgage, who Kamel endorsed in the video as an institution that proves you can still get a great interest rate without credit history, hosts an article on their website explaining why they “celebrate” no credit score loans. “Being debt-free is a big deal and should be celebrated!” the article claims. “At Churchill, our Home Loan Specialists are professionally trained to help you get a smarter mortgage that can be paid-off quickly, so you can return to a debt-free lifestyle as soon as possible.”

Of course, Kamel pointed out there is a big difference between a “low” credit score and “no” credit score, the latter having no bearing on how you manage and pay back debt.

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