5 Legitimate Ways You Can Get Paid To Chat Online – Get Paid To Be a Friend!

How to get paid to chat online

5 Legitimate Ways: How To Get Paid To Chat Online & Earn Extra Money

It only takes a single click to chat with someone on the other side of the world in this era of extraordinary connectivity. But despite what seems like a number of ways and how to get paid to chat online, a lot of individuals still experience loneliness and isolation.

Because of this, a lot of people now use the internet to form relationships and meaningful connections. However, did you realize that chatting with others might earn you money? Here are five ways and how to get paid to chat online, making money from online chats with people, some of which allow for in-person meetings following the session.

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How To Get Paid To Chat Online

1. RentaCyberFriend

How to get paid to chat online? You can connect with people based on shared interests with RentaCyberFriend, a pay-per-minute video call service.

How It Works

The payment is per minute, with a 20% platform fee. You can set higher or lower rates for different topics, as well.

For example, you can charge $3.00 per minute to talk about cooking and $1.00 to talk about movies.

•Potential Earnings

If you charge $3.00 per minute and chat for two hours, you’ll make $288.00 after the platform fee. If you do it full-time, you can make thousands per week.

√Do not have to meet in person
√Set your own rates

√No app — you must be able to video chat on your computer


The platform is secure with end-to-end encryption.

2. Phrendly

This is how to get paid to chat online using phrendly. If you’re looking for a little friendly flirting, Phrendly might be right for you! This social networking platform allows you to chat with people and get paid. It is a friendship-based site that allows flirting but is not for explicit content.

How It Works

You get paid to chat per message on Phrendly and earn a portion of the fee. When someone sends you a gift, called “drinks,” you get to keep 90% of the earnings.

•Potential Earnings

You receive $0.35 per chat message sent by a user, 70% of your earnings from phone and video calls — minus a $0.20 per minute connection fee — and 90% of the value of any gifts received from users.

√No obligation to respond to video or phone calls
√Chat through texting to make money

√Cannot keep all your gift earnings
√Site does not work on Google Chrome.


The site takes security safely and hides your personal information from users unless you wish to disclose that information.

3. RentAFriend

Are you looking to make new friends and how to get paid for chatting while you’re at it? RentAFriend helps people meet local friends in person after chatting. If someone is moving to a new city or is on vacation, they can connect with you via the platform and meet.

How It Works

Once you create a profile, you must complete a questionnaire that gauges your interests. When users look for friends, you show up based on age, gender and interests.

•Potential Earnings

Earnings depend on location, demand for friends in your area, availability and your hourly rate. According to the site, most earn between $10 to $50 per hour, with some charging higher for specialized experiences.

√Great for outgoing people — meet friends in person instead of just over the phone.

√In-person meetings aren’t as safe


Meeting strangers always comes with security risks. It would be best to gauge whether you want to risk meeting someone who may not be as they present online.

4. Fiverr

You might not think of a freelancing platform when looking for someone to chat with, but Fiverr is a platform where people pay others for their services, and friendship is one such service.

How It Works

As a freelancer, you can set the price of your “friendship service” and chat with customers. Once you reach an agreement, you receive payment upfront for your time.

•Potential Earnings

√Depending on your popularity and ratings, you can make good money on Fiverr. Fiverr takes 20% of the total “project” cost.

√Get paid upfront
Set your own pricing.

√Typical use for Fiverr is freelance projects, advice and business — it might be hard to find your audience
The pros are that you get paid upfront and can set your pricing. The cons are that people usually use Fiverr for freelance projects, advice, and business.


√You can report people who are abusing the service.

√Moderators are also on standby to ensure that no scams or inappropriate behavior happens.

5. Facebook Groups

If you have a special interest or know a lot about your local area, you can start a Facebook group and monetize it — charge people for being members and speaking with you. You can also ask for donations, sell products or answer questions for cash.

How It Works

You can create a group and control the settings. Once people request to join, you can charge a fee for your time speaking and interacting with them.

•Potential Earnings

How much you’ll make depends on pricing, engagement and the time you invest in the group, but you can make a good amount by charging others to become members.

√Control what goes on in the group
√Decide who you want to speak with and how much time you want to spend

√People misrepresent themselves online — you may not have genuine interactions


As long as you work within the group, you can control who can speak with you. If you are worried about a troublesome member, you can kick them out of the group or report them for misuse/abuse.

Is Getting Paid For Chatting With Strangers Legitimate?

Getting paid to chat with strangers may seem unusual, but it is increasingly becoming an essential service. Many people in the United States have no one to talk to consistently. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that one-third of people above 45 feel lonely, and one-fourth of adults over 65 are socially isolated.

Chatting with people who experience these issues is a win-win situation, allowing you to make extra money and them to make healthy connections.


While these platforms let you get paid to chat and earn money online, always be aware of how you interact with others. It’s essential to set boundaries, understand what your comfort zone is and stay safe online.

By staying mindful and taking necessary precautions, chatting with others online can be a fun and lucrative way to connect with new people and make extra cash.

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