USA Masters Degree Scholarships: Top Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA Without IELTS

Fully Funded Scholarships in USA without IELTS

Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In USA Without IELTS

Considering pursuing a Master’s degree in the United States of America? It’s imperative to explore the realm of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA without IELTS, thus facilitating your academic journey in the USA. If you’re perusing this, you’re on the brink of realizing your aspirations of studying in the US on a fully funded basis.

As per a July 2023 report from, the preceding academic session witnessed approximately 385,097 international graduate students enrolled in the United States. Indeed, the USA has long been a preferred destination for international students, owing to various compelling factors.

A prominent reason for this preference is undoubtedly the plethora of fully funded scholarships available for international students in the USA. Each year, millions of dollars’ worth of scholarships are awarded to deserving international students.

To navigate the path to studying in the USA seamlessly, leveraging scholarship opportunities is paramount. In the subsequent section, we delineate some of the most coveted fully funded scholarships, enabling you to pursue your studies in the USA sans the requirement of IELTS. Below is a list of Fully Funded Scholarships in United States without IELTS.

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List of Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in USA Without IELTS

1. Obama Foundation Scholarship

The program which is an initiative of the University of Columbia through Columbia World Projects targeting young and energetic people across enables the beneficiaries to undergo a fully funded masters study program in USA.

To apply for Obama Foundation Scholarship without IELTS, you might be required to provide some other proof of the language proficiency such as a letter from your previous degree institution stating that you were instructed in English.

2. Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarship is awarded to approximately 4,000 foreign students each year. The scholarship, managed by the US embassy, is fully funded and awarded to students of all nationalities. You can apply to Fulbright Scholarship without IELTS

3. US South Pacific Scholarship

The The U.S. South Pacific Scholarship Program (USSP) is a tuition award program which covers the student’s full tuition. Although it is not particularly a fully funded program, it sure to lessen most of the financial burden of the student.

4. Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars award program will avail the beneficiary the opportunity for a full tuition cover and other allowances to cover related expenses. You can apply for this scholarship without IELTS

5. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship

Being one of the fully funded programs, the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship is one of the most lucrative scholarship programs for studying in USA.

It covers all study-related expenses including a pr-academic English language training (if need be). This means you can apply for this scholarship even with low proficiency in the English language.

6. James Madison Graduate Fellowship

The Fellowship covers US$24,000 towards a Master’s degree in either American history, teaching, or education. Students must be committed to becoming a teacher of American history upon completion of their study.

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