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9 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses To Attract Real-Time Customers

9 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Creative digital marketing ideas – In digital marketing, a single social media ad or a blog post from an influencer can do wonders for a local business.
But the problem for local businesses is that, it is always difficult to find budgets for marketing activities. Small businesses mostly don’t have the resources of huge commercial chains and corporations to hop into advertising such as celebrity collaborations, radio and television commercials and others. However, marketing in real sense doesn’t need to be expensive. In digital marketing, you just need to get more creative with it to market your business.

Creative Digital Marketing Ideas

In this article, I will take you through creative digital marketing ideas which small businesses can incorporate on a smaller budget and even for free! Use these tips and the resources available as the power of creative digital marketing can be much more effective than money poured into highly-cost advertising.

Below Are Some Online Marketing Strategy

1. Work To Connect With Local Influencers

Creative Digital Marketing strategy – Since your business is yet small, you might not have a budget to buy a promotional post from an instagram influencer with 1 million followers, but local or uprising influencers can be very effective if not all. A blogger or an industry expert in your locality can be the best choice to connect with. Sometimes small business owners get stuck on how to locate such local social media influencers but that’s not a big deal. Searching on google may not give the best results for influencers in your locality. it will likely show you bigger accounts and popular names you can’t afford. That could be difficult to make google focus on a specific town for this reason.

What do you do then? Well, you need to verge into the various social networks for such tasks. Social media are able to find accounts with any given number of followers that talks about particular topics. Also, you will be able to choose your town in the settings to make sure you only get relevant results of what you are searching for.

On choosing an influencer, you can filter your search results by the minimum and maximum number of followers and look through the profiles and connect with the one you are well convinced with. This is a mutually beneficial collaboration, you help them create content, and they raise your brand awareness by connecting you to their audience. Better still, you can also create a social media listing alert with your brand name and look for the influencers. You can foster these relationships to promote your business further.

2. Create Compelling Stories Around Your Business

Creative digital marketing ideas – It’s obvious that People love stories, that’s perhaps one of the most essential parts of human experience.
You can create a story around your brand to make it compelling to read and more memorable. Sometimes you don’t even have to brainstorm everything, you can do a little research about a particular phenomenon and find out some unexpected and exciting stories to build around your brand.

Once you have a nice and compelling story, incorporate it into your brand. Add it to your descriptions on social media, your business website and review sites as well. Create social media posts or blog posts referring to the story. Making sure it runs through all your marketing messages so that people remember it. By doing this, you will attract a lot of customers to your business while building a huge brand as well.

3. Create Search-friendly Content On Your Business Website

Optimizing your business website with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to get more customers. That’s, while bringing more traffic to your website, you then get more customers visiting your business.

However, it’s a strategy every business should do, businesses tend to optimize their website for the most obvious requests, for instance, “best computer shop” in, then you add your town name or locality. The aim of this is to tell people and visitors about where you are and at the same time promoting your business. It should also be presented in your social media posts, articles, or videos. Writing articles about your town or locality will be a great way to mention your business organically and give value to potential customers.

You don’t want to promote your competitors of course, who will do that even? so choose a topic that will represent different businesses. If you sell computers, write about “best food joints” in your area and not “best computer shops” in your area. In this case you will be compelled to mention your competitors. It’s crucial to also think about timing as well, holiday marketing is an effective way to bring more attention to your business. You can offer a holiday related products and activities and then publish a guide titled “What to do with your family in (town name) on (holiday name).”
This will please both the search engines and potential customers as well.

4. Join And Engage On Local Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are the places your audience are mostly, joining a facebook group in your locality will enhance you to kill two birds with one stone. You are able to learn more about your clients and at the same time promote promote your business and products. One great rule of promotion on facebook groups worth noting is, you shouldn’t be too sale-centered. That’s you don’t have to post about your discounts and new offers every day. Some facebook groups don’t encourage such spam. Even if such kind is tolerated in the group, it’s unlikely to make people actually get interested in your business or products. Instead, initiate conversations that would allow you to bring up your business organically. You could do it in a simple way from your personal account or in a more genuine way, without hiding the fact that you are a business owner. That’s very creative digital marketing ideas you need to incorporate.

The best way to do it is by trying to give value to the people in the group. You can start a conversation about anything as a way to initiate a conversation in the group. Obviously, your goal is to start a discussion that will draw attention, but don’t initiate controversial topics raise emotions. While they can generate a lot of answers, you will certainly get a lot of people trying to know what’s up and that’s where you become known by what you do then finally get potential customers. Then once in a while, you try to let your audience know the services you offer through posts but not in a spamy way, posting products every now and then, it will piss them off.

5. Make Use Of Your “Localness”

Another creative digital marketing ideas is that, as a small business, you have an inherent advantage over corporations and big brands because it’s more difficult for them to target specific locations since their business are very wider. You can benefit from the small nature of your business by creating such hyper-focused ads by yourself.

Below are some tips on how to create such ads on your business website (if any)

√ Use Google Search Console to find new ad group options based on search impressions.

√ Try to include the name of the street in the ad and make it visible.

√ Talk about the distance to your location in your targeted ads.

6. Value All Reviews

Creative digital marketing ideas – The thing most local businesses neglect is that review sites such as “google my business” are not the only place people talk about your business. Social media, blogs, and forums are equally important when it comes to business reviews. These days everyone with a social media profile has an audience – even if it’s just their family and friends and they might post an opinion about your business.

If it’s a positive review, you are missing a marketing opportunity; you could repost it, save it and use it in your marketing messages in the future. Better still, if it’s a negative review, you are risking your business reputational crisis by ignoring it. It’s advisable to use a social media monitoring tool to make sure you are notified any time your business gets mentioned, both on review platforms and social media platforms.

You can choose free options such as, a combination of google alerts and tweetdeck, or you may opt for a more robust social listening tool that offers real-time notifications, covers more online sources and provides great filters to organize your business mentions.

7. Reach Out To Local Media

Creative digital marketing ideas – In this modern day, almost every town has an online media and you would be surprised how influential they could be. While you create content for your business website and social media channels, don’t forget to establish contacts with the media in your locality. Their influence could upgrade your brand, thereby increasing your customers. You can even offer guest posts to big websites containing your business website link, this could drive a lot of traffic to your website which could be turned to potential customers.

8. Social Media Contest

Creative digital marketing ideas – While your customers are not your friends or family, you can try handing out small presents to promote your business in seasons like Christmas. One great way to boost patronage to your business is to launch a contest, you can promote it through the business social media channels and your business website. An instance is you can suggest that the first 20 people that come to your place on a specific day will get their product or service for free or halved. This tactics works extremely well for newly launched businesses that need to get their business noticed.

9. Form a Local Social Media Partnership

Establish relationships with other local business owners through social media. This will not only help you have a support network to consult and exchange experience with but gives you a lot of promotional opportunities. Start by connecting and engaging with local businesses on social media.


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